Scuffed Wheel Repair

We transform scuffed wheels into showroom stunners!

Your wheels deserve to shine, and our scuffed wheel repair service is here to make it happen. We understand that life on the road can leave its mark, but there’s no need to settle for less than perfection. Our skilled team specialise in the art of erasing scuffs and restoring your wheels to their original glory. Say goodbye to those frustrating blemishes and hello to a flawless finish that turns heads on every street. Trust Alloy Wheel Repairs to bring back the brilliance – because your wheels should reflect the true beauty of your vehicle.

Repairing scuffed alloy wheels involves several steps to restore the appearance of the wheels.

Scuffed Wheel Repair in progress at Alloy Wheel Repair

Our process


The first step is to assess the extent of the scuffing. Experts examine the wheels to determine the severity of the scuffs and identify any additional damage.

Cleaning and Preparation

The affected wheels are thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt, brake dust, or debris. This ensures a clean surface for the repair process.

Sanding and Smoothing

The scuffed areas are carefully sanded to remove the damaged material and create a smooth surface. Experts use varying levels of grit to address different levels of scuffing.

Filling (if necessary)

For deeper scuffs or scratches, our team may use fillers to level the surface and ensure a perfectly uniform appearance. The filled areas are then sanded again for smoothness and uniform surface appearance.

Priming (if necessary)

In all cases, a primer is applied to the repaired wheel face to enhance adhesion and prepare the surface for the application of the base colour and then the clear coat.

Painting or Clear Coating

The wheel face is painted to match the original colour of the alloy wheel, we can colour match almost any colour if we do not have the factory specific paint code within our extensive paint code library. A clear coat of the desired gloss level is then applied for a protective finish before being baked in our wheel specific oven to ensure proper curing and hardening.


If paint or clear coat is applied, the repaired areas are allowed to dry or cure. This step is crucial for ensuring the durability of the finish.

Buffing and Polishing

Once the repaired areas are fully cured, our team will buff and polish the entire wheel to achieve a smooth and consistent finish.

Final Inspection

The repaired wheels undergo a final inspection to ensure that the scuffs are effectively addressed, and the overall appearance meets quality standards.


After passing inspection, the wheels are reinstalled on the vehicle.

Examples of our work

High Gloss Alloy Wheel repaired by Alloy Wheel Repair
Freshly Coated Alloy Wheel repaired by Alloy Wheel Repair
Coloured Alloy Wheel repaired by Alloy Wheel Repair
Coated Alloy Wheel repaired by Alloy Wheel Repair
Black Alloy Wheel repaired by Alloy Wheel Repair
Alloy Wheel repaired by Alloy Wheel Repair